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Connie Sciolino MS, CSCS

Mother, Coach, Skier, Runner, Climber 

Connie's passion for training and fitness began at a young age participating in a variety of sports.  However skiing quickly became her favorite.  Many a weekend was spent in the mountains of Vermont and once school was finished she moved to Jackson Hole to develop her skills in the big mountains. The mountains brought new adventures in climbing and running and with them the realization that her true passion was fitness and training and the desire to help others improve personal performance in their sport.  She earned her Master's Degree in Exercise Science from MSU followed by a certification through NSCA as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

 In 2009 she moved to Boulder, CO and opened the Alpine Training Center.  Quickly the gym has become a community of athletes that train hard and play harder.  The many successes and accomplishments of her athletes outside the gym are what keep her motivated and dedicated to her job as their coach.


Jason Antin

Jason has demonstrated a genuine love of athletics and fitness throughout his life. A native of New England, Jason grew up playing sports of all types; specifically baseball, football, BJJ and snowboarding.  Jason studied sports medicine and social sciences at St. Lawrence University where he also captained the 2005 varsity Football team.

 After graduation from SLU, his interests in the outdoors transformed into passion. Jason can be found enthusiastically spending his free time partaking in rock, snow, and ice adventures all across the Front Range and beyond.  In recent years, Jason has transferred his joy for long days in the mountains into endurance sports such as 100+ Mile Mountain Running and Biking adventures.

Jason has been a coach at the Alpine Training Center since 2011 and has over 14 years of certified coaching and training experience with athletes of all levels and abilities. He enjoys nothing more than knowing each ATC athlete is sent off to tackle each adventure physically prepared to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them!


Mike Thurk

Mike has always appreciated the link between mental and physical strength. Whether training for the Elk Mountain Traverse or to guide on Denali, the mind continues to be the most important muscle to develop. Being able to cultivate this strength in a gym setting has continued to produce positive results. Once the mind is primed, then general strength can be increased. Mike prefers athletes have a technical grasp of movements before introducing intensity to the equation in order to address weakness, such a flexibility or range of motion. Mike's overall goal is to continue to live a healthy life in the mountains and help others to have the same experience. 

Hunter Moore

Hunter's passion for the mountains and ATC-style training both found their beginning in Jackson Hole, WY. Upon moving to Jackson after college, Hunter pursued climbing and skiing full time throughout the year. To better mentally and physically prepare for his objectives, he started training at Mountain Athlete where he met Connie. During his years at Mountain Athlete, Hunter was sponsored by the gym to serve as a sort of "test dummy" and leader in the gym. In 2010, he moved to Telluride where he trained with Mike Thurk at Crossfit. His experience there led him to eventually attend the Level 1 Trainer class. Since 2012 Hunter has been back in the front
range training and coaching at the ATC.