Best Day of Coaching...Ever?

I rolled into the house at 6:30am from a quick run, everyone is still sleeping.  By 6:45am we were in full mayhem trying to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door by 7:15 for an 8am soccer game.  At 6:50am someone is texting me.  Really?  It's Saturday and not even 7am.  It's Lee's coach, "do you or your husband want to coach the two games today?  I..."  that's all I read.  If you've ever heard me rant about FC Boulder you'll understand how this set me off, if you haven't don't ask it's long and unpleasant.  "Tom, check this out."  I read him the text and we both, in unison, say no.  Then we stop to think.  "We could do it together, " I suggest.  Lee is not at all happy about her parents coaching until I remind her its us or no soccer.  Soccer won.

By 7am the mayhem has just about hit panic level because the coaches can't be late and we almost forgot the soccer ball.

The girls are thoroughly confused.  Where's coach Ryan?  Why are you guys coaching?  What color jerseys are we supposed to wear?  Which bench are we on?  Lots of questions so early on a Saturday.  But we settle in and start Game 1.  The girls fought hard but are playing up a level and once again get beat, pretty bad.  But nothing new.  This U10 team has been playing U11s all winter and haven't won a game yet nor have they even come close.  But there was something different in their play this time.  Tough to put a finger on it at first but it would soon all play out. 

Onto Game 2. Fortunately they take all these losses well and are ready to press on and take on the next U11 team.  I put the A team out to start the game, cause why not, let's see what the other team has and adjust from there.  Score.  Wait, what? We just scored in the first 2 minutes. Then another right away.  It keeps going.  By the half we are up 5-0.  I am beyond excited.  Tom is beyond excited.  The girls are on fire.  Everyone wants to play.   They have been running for almost 75 minutes straight and no wants to come out.  And its hard to take them out because for one moment in one game they could no wrong.  Today they were winners.  And Tom and I were their coaches.

They won.  8-2.  They won.  That's all there was to say.  They won.   After so many games, so many losses, so many days of just being beat, they won.  Even the parents, instead of thanking us, they simply said, they won.  That's all we needed.  If only we could have captured the pure joy on the girl's faces.  Priceless.  And to be a small part of that, even more priceless.  It was one of my best coaching days ever.