As he left the gym I congratulated him again on a great win.  His response, "teamwork," and sets off on his day.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5:45am he rolls into the gym.  Its usually dark and cold and an unnatural time to train.  But that is his time.  His only time.  And winning is that important.  Most days he trains alone, though he is not alone in the gym.  His goals are different and require different programming that is adjusted almost daily.  Some days competition is the focus.  Some days weaknesses are addressed.  And some days we just need to back off and do some recovery work.  The programming though done by me is adjusted by the two of us, working together to get him where he needs to go.

The team wasn't built in a day.  Aaron has been training with me a few years now.  And while its only 1 hour a day its 3 days per week, 4 weeks per month, and 12 months per year.  The team spends a lot of time together.  And its is that consistency of training, coaching, learning and understanding of what comes next that helps the athlete progress and win.

While I take no credit for his accomplishments, I do in a small way feel responsible for them.  When he wins, the coach wins.  When he loses, then I, as his coach, need to reevaluate and decide the next move.  For him to acknowledge all that not by saying "thank you" but by saying the team worked together and got the win is why I am at the gym 5:45 M/W/F.