Group Workout Sessions

Done in a group format, a training session is an hour of hard work. We push the athlete’s strength, we push their lungs and we push their limits. Our athlete’s range in age from 25-65 years young. We measure success only by the athlete’s performance in their chosen sport or career.

We offer two types of training sessions. Choose between general fitness or sport specific sessions. General fitness training sessions involve total body strength, power and work capacity efforts, for all athletes. Sport specific training sessions are for rock and ice climbers and ski conditioning training in the fall and cycling in the spring.

We use a variety of training principles and modes to help athletes reach their goals. We use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, carry sandbags, pull tires, climb ropes, squat, run and jump. You name it; we’ve probably tried it.

Most athletes train an average of two to three days per week based on their sport.

Please contact Connie Sciolino at (303)-859-4579 to schedule a training session.

$160/ Month Unlimited Sessions. $210/ 10 Sessions. $25/ Session

Online training

We also design custom training programs for athletes not living in Boulder. These are personalized programs for athletes with a specific goal. 

Please contact Connie Sciolino at (303)-859-4579 for more information and to schedule a training session.

Begins at $50/hr.

Personal Training

Personal training is also an option for injured athletes or athletes not quite ready to jump into our regular programming. Sessions are typically 30-60 minutes long and are designed with the athletes goals in mind. For athletes returning from an injury, this is a great place to start for individual attention and a proper progression during rehab.  Personal training is also great for athletes that have specific goals that would require programming outside of our general fitness training.

Please contact Connie Sciolino at (303)-859-4579 for pricing and to schedule a training session.